Cold Case Investigation Team

The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) Cold Case Investigation Team (CCIT) was founded in 2020. CCIT falls under the Field Operation Division of the SBI and is responsible for assisting local and federal law enforcement investigations with unresolved homicides, missing persons and unidentified individuals in the state. The SBI also assists law enforcement agencies throughout the state in providing information to the public that may solve outstanding cases or bring fugitives to justice.
At present, we are posting unsolved homicide cases, missing persons cases and unidentified individual cases worked by the SBI along with our local and federal partners. This is not a complete list of all cases assigned to the Cold Case Investigation Team and as special agents proceed through a review process of cases, these lists will be updated. Cold Case Agents are committed to and work diligently toward bringing each case to a resolution. CCIT continues to investigate cases and follow up on new leads regardless of when the crime occurred.
If you have any information on a cold case or unsolved case that can help bring criminals to justice, provide peace for the families who have lost their loved ones, and prevent other major crimes from occurring, please contact the SBI or your local law enforcement agency.
If you have any information about a cold case, please call (800) 334-3000 or send an email to  In many cases, rewards may be available.


Unsolved Homicides

Missing Persons

Unsolved Crimes