Illegal Video Gaming Location Raided in Rockingham County   

GREENSBORO – A Rockingham County business was raided last week, for operating illegal video gaming machines.  The investigation began after numerous community complaints were received by law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office.   

North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) led the search at Lucky Duck Internet Café, located at 3998 US Highway 220, just outside the city limits of Madison.  The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office and Madison Police Department assisted with the search.   

The search of the business led to the seizure of 192 illegal sweepstakes video gaming machines, more than $27,000 in cash, numerous business documents and spirituous liquor.    

The Lucky Duck Internet Café is owned and operated by Dennis Blaine Stines.  
Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page said “This should serve as a reminder to persons wanting to open or operate illegal video gaming establishments that the State Alcohol Law Enforcement and the Sheriff’s Office will investigate and charge those in violation of the video gaming laws in Rockingham County.”  

Law enforcement conducts these types of investigations because the machines are unlawful to operate and possess.  Special Agent in Charge Mike Yates, of the Greensboro ALE said “These illegal gambling locations are also havens for other crimes which include robberies and assaults.  The partnership of the different law enforcement agencies involved in these investigations is an example of the commitment to improving the quality of life in these communities.”  

No arrests were made the day of the search but the ALE investigation is currently ongoing and criminal charges are anticipated.