Internal Affairs Annual Report
During calendar year 2022, the Special Investigations Unit initiated eight (8) internal affairs
investigations and one (1) preliminary inquiry based on internal and externally generated
complaints for allegations against Bureau employees. These investigations involved allegations
of unacceptable personal conduct as well as one related to a vehicle accident. The
unacceptable personal conducted regarded the following areas: failure to secure a service
weapon, failure to notify the supervisor of a vehicle accident, closing of reports with minimal
detail, insubordination, falsifying timesheets and inappropriate comments.

All complaints were documented according to Procedure 24 of the NCSBI Policy and Procedure

Regarding the one preliminary inquiry, an employee was accused of using employer status to
influence a political candidate. The Professional Standards Division did not receive notice of a
civil litigation during calendar year 2022.

During calendar year 2022, the Professional Standards Division received and documented
twenty-four (24) automobile accidents involving five (5) female Bureau employees and
seventeen (17) male Bureau employees with two male employees having two vehicle accidents
during 2022.

Based on the review of SBI Policy, there are no recommendations from management to
enhance officer safety, to revise policies or to provide additional training.