Internal Affairs Annual Report
During calendar year 2020, the Professional Standards Division initiated eight internal affairs investigations and one preliminary inquiry involving internally generated complaints or allegations against Bureau employees. The investigations involved allegations of unacceptable personal conduct, criminal activity, conflict of interest, improper overtime, conducting personal business on state time and misuse of state time, inability to produce proper court orders, violation of Commission rules for Training and Standards and storage of evidence.  These above referenced matters involved eight employees.  Seven employees were males and one was female. All eight complaints were sustained with one resolved with additional misconduct noted.

The Professional Standards Division initiated four preliminary inquiries based on external complaints regarding allegations of unacceptable personal conduct, neighbor dispute, use of mental telepathy and rudeness.  The external complaint inquires noted involved three male employees and one female employee and all were unsubstantiated due to lack of detail and/or specific policy violation.
The Professional Standards Division received two reports of civil litigation during calendar year 2020. These matters involved three current employees and one retired employee at the time of filing.  These matters involved two current employees and one former employee with allegation of civil rights violation, false arrest, and imprisonment. 

There were no inquires initiated related to potential civil litigation during calendar year 2020.  
Professional Standards received and documented twenty-one automobile accidents involving fourteen male Bureau employees and seven female Bureau employees in Bureau vehicles.