Professional Standards
The Professional Standards Division conducts the most sensitive investigations involving public corruption and government misconduct. 

The Professional Standards Division office is responsible for the receipt and evaluation of reported thefts and misuse of state property. Additionally, the division is responsible for the internal affairs function of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and administrative staff inspections conducted throughout the SBI. 

The Professional Standards Division also administratively oversees the Cooperative Disability Investigations Unit and the Medicaid Investigations Unit.

Upon a valid request from a district attorney or United States attorney, the SBI conducts investigations into public corruption and government official misconduct involving public officials, public agencies and higher ranking law enforcement agency officials. These officials may include state legislators, U.S. congressmen, elected members of the Council of State, judges, district attorneys, sheriffs and police chiefs.

Agents assigned to this unit also conduct the internal administrative investigations concerning SBI employees and regularly participate in the SBI Inspection Program which includes staff inspections and annual evidence inspections. This unit also conducts any other criminal investigations as assigned by the SBI's deputy director.

  • Special Investigations Unit - conducts and coordinates certain public corruption and government official misconduct investigations, as well as investigations for the N. C. Judicial Standards Commission.
  • Internal Affairs - If you believe an SBI employee has acted improperly, you may contact SBI Headquarters (919) 662-4500.
  • Inspections and Compliance - This unit assesses the agency's efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • State Property - SBI agents investigate cases of misuse of state property, including  arson, damage, theft or embezzlement.
  • CALEA - This section documents that the SBI is following national standards set forth by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement.
  • Cooperative Disabilities Investigations Unit - SBI agents investigate potential fraud cases in the Social Security Administration’s disability programs.
  • Medicaid Investigations - SBI agents investigate fraud committed by Medicaid health care providers and the physical abuse of patients in the Medicaid-funded facilities.