Human Trafficking
In 2017, the North Carolina General Assembly assigned the SBI jurisdiction of human trafficking.  In the past, there was not a state agency in NC responsible as the lead agency in the investigation of human trafficking.  In July of 2018, the SBI created the Human Trafficking Unit (HTU).

Since the creation of the unit, the SBI has investigated more than 70 cases, encountered countless victims while bringing traffickers to justice.  The unit is made up of collateral duty agents from across the state, meaning they take on this responsibility in addition to their assigned primary role within the SBI.  Even though we have original jurisdiction when it comes to human trafficking cases, we make it a point to work in conjunction with local and federal agencies as well.  We also work very closely with non-profit organizations to ensure the needs of the victims are met as we realize this is a crime that law enforcement cannot conquer alone.  It takes everyone for us to succeed.

To date, the Human Trafficking Unit continues to work proactively with our partner agencies conducting operations and responding to tips when they are reported.  We also understand the importance of teaching and sharing what we know.  As of January of 2020, the HTU had conducted over 20 trainings in more than15 counties, instructing over 500 individuals.  The unit continues to educate what human trafficking looks like in North Carolina and how we can move to eliminate this horrendous crime.