Fingerprints for Record Checks

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation gives you the opportunity to receive a copy of your North Carolina criminal history. The record check consists of a search for previous arrest(s) and associated disposition(s) if available for which the SBI received a fingerprint card from the arresting agency.

This process does not include any criminal history information that may be maintained at the national level or by another state. There is a $14.00 fee charged to process each record check request.

The process consists of a biometric-based (fingerprint-based) search of the SBI's computerized criminal history files. Therefore, a complete set of legible fingerprints —including all ten fingers— is required to complete the International Adoption record check request. Exceptions are made for situations such as finger amputations and other deformities.

If the fingerprint card is of insufficient quality to conduct the search, or if the fingerprint card is not filled out accurately and completely, the fingerprint card will be returned to you. Another set of fingerprints will be required to complete the process. (Form is available: fillable).

Review Your Criminal History
You may receive a copy of your North Carolina criminal history by the Right to Review process. This is conducted by the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation and includes a response letter on SBI letterhead. For instructions and further information, view how to submit a Right to Review Request. (Form is available: fillable).

Adoption Process
Whether required for a domestic adoption or an international adoption, you may receive a copy of your North Carolina criminal history by an Adoption Process records check. The result of the record check will be mailed to you as a formal notarized response on SBI letterhead indicating the findings of the Adoption Process.

For instructions and form details, view how to submit an Adoption Process Record Check Request. (Form is available: in fillable).