ALE Careers

ALE special agents have statewide territorial jurisdiction with authority to investigate and arrest for any criminal offense. With this broad statutory authority, ALE seeks individuals of the highest caliber of education and experience to enter our application process, attend the ALE Special Agent Academy, and ultimately fill positions as special agents.

Special agents must have detailed knowledge of the laws of arrest, search and seizure, handling of firearms, and use of deadly force. ALE investigations often require lengthy surveillance, undercover operations, in-depth interviews and detailed report writing, and other advanced techniques to collect the evidence necessary for court or administrative hearings.

Applicants should be self-motivated and capable of working both independently and as part of a team. Applicants must also be able to work alone in stressful, demanding environments. For those who meet the qualifications for the position of an ALE special agent, we offer career opportunities in a challenging and rewarding profession with excellent benefits.

For question or inquiries regarding the application process, please call (919) 662-4500 or e-mail us.

Application Process

  1. Initial Physical Screening: Applicants must score 60 percent or higher on the Cooper Institute fitness norms, including assessments in vertical jump, max bench press, one minute of sit-ups, 300 meter run, one minute of push-ups, and 1.5 mile run.

  2. Polygraph Examination: Applicants must pass a pre-employment polygraph examination.

  3. Review Board: Applicants must be interviewed and recommended by the ALE Applicant Review Board.

  4. Background Investigation: Applicants must satisfactorily pass a thorough background investigation, including a check of State and Federal Bureau of Investigation records.

  5. Psychological Exam: Applicants must receive a favorable recommendation from a psychological evaluation.

  6. Physical Exam: Applicants must successfully pass a physical examination and drug screening.

  7. Acceptance by the Branch Head: Applicants must be accepted by the Branch Head to attend the ALE Special Agent Academy.

  8. Completion of Training: Applicants must successfully complete the ALE Special Agent Academy and a field training and evaluation program.

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PD107 Application forms


  • Hiring salary range $41,000 - $43,033 annually
  • Advancement potential through promotional opportunities
  • State law enforcement retirement plan
  • North Carolina State Employee 401(k) Plan
  • North Carolina State Employee insurance coverage
  • Sick leave and annual leave
  • Workers compensation
  • Paid holidays
  • Specialized training
  • Take home vehicle
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Shift premium pay
  • Military training leave
  • Community service leave
  • Opportunity for secondary employment